Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which restaurants will you deliver for?

We will work with locally owned restaurants in a relationship to achieve this service to customers. We believe this is the best way to accomplish the greatest experience for the customers. If you are a local restaurant owner, please contact us to setup a demo!

2. How do I make an order?

To make an order, you simply go to on any web browser, either on your smartphone or desktop computer. Pick your desired local restaurant and build your order. Login to your account by entering your mobile phone number and entering the verification code that you receive in a text message. Choose pickup or delivery and pay with a credit or debit card. Texts will be sent to you with notices about your order. If you chose delivery, soon you'll hear a knock on your door with your delicious order. All without leaving your couch.

3. What is the delivery area?

We'll be starting off with delivering to northern half of Michigan City, with hopes to expand to all of Michigan City and a bit beyond.

4. Are you a local business?

Yes! We are a small team who all live locally and eat at and love at the restaurants we would love to do delivery. Our office is in the Uptown Arts District. This is truly a local supporting local service.

5. How do I pay for the order?

You pay for the order within the web-app with a credit or debit card. Once the Credit Card transaction is complete, the order is sent to the restaurant. You can choose to pay for the driver's tip either by card when you pay for the order, or in cash on delivery.

6. What will be your hours of delivery?

Initially, the hours will be limited. We plan on doing a beta-test period for lunch hours only and then grow into lunch and dinner hours after official launch. If interest is there, expanding into lunch, dinner and late evening hours.

7. Can I use the web-app to order but pickup my order instead of having it delivered?

Yes! If you are like us, you prefer to not make phone calls ever! We hope that you love to use the web-app so much that you will use it to order from your favorite local restaurants even when you want to pickup. Another benefit to the web-app is that you will have your entire order history and can re-order your favorite past orders in one click.

8. When are you launching this service?

We are just now announcing we'd like to start meeting with local restaurants about our service. All we can say is on our launch date is: "As soon as we can!"